Giving Thanks

Steve Smith Whole Foods in Frisco CO

Frisco’s Whole Foods (opening Spring 2014) with the Continental Divide serving as a peaked roof.

Unlike most Thanksgiving messages I’ve read lately, I’m not going to kid you. Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. It sure would be if it were in May, signaling the beginning of summer. But of course Thanksgiving ushers in the dark, cold days of winter.

Nevertheless, I love Thanksgiving. I love the chance to celebrate our bounty with tradition and with family. Truly, I am thankful for the love of my wife, Sandee and for the deep connection with my nephew and all my cousins. And for my cadre of friends…unbelievable. And so thankful for this incredible community in which I have surprisingly landed. When it comes time to leave Summit County, I can assure you it won’t be the mountains I most miss.

And I am very thankful for my team. While it may appear that I run a one-man shop. Behind the scenes there are a good number of people and organizations (you know who you are) all rowing in the same direction to make sure my clients receive dependable and capable service.

I am also thankful (and hopefully my clients are too) for this year’s Nobel Prize in economics. No, I didn’t win the prize. But one of my heroes, Professor Eugene Fama, did. That’s the subject of one of our articles. Dr. Fama has made it possible to have faith in the investment philosophy I espouse.

So, please enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Steven R. Smith

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