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Thoughts on Current Events

CARES Act Relaxes Rules for Charitable Giving
The $2.2 trillion stimulus package – known as the CARES Act - passed by Congress and signed by the President[...]
Index Funds: Good, But Not Perfect
It’s only been a few weeks since the passing of John Bogle, the inventor of the index fund. In memoriam,[...]
Owed to Saint Jack. RIP
Millions of American investors – including yours truly - owe a debt of gratitude to John “Jack” Bogle, who died[...]
Lessons From the Madoff Fraud, 10 Years later
Has it really been ten years? One of the low lights indelibly associated with the Great Recession of 2008 was[...]
$1 Million May Not be Enough to Retire in Denver – Or in Our Beloved Mountains
As if planning to fund your retirement weren’t difficult enough. In a story in the Denver Post, we now learn[...]
Where are you on the Spectrum of Financial Dependence and Independence?
Where are you on the Spectrum of Financial Dependence and Independence? (H/T to financial planning guru Michael Kitces for including[...]
Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Real Estate?
A couple of forward-thinking real estate professionals in Boulder are prognosticating that the blockchain technology and Bitcoin – the most[...]
Fidelity’s Zero Cost Index Funds – Much Ado About Nothing?
On August 1, 2018, Fidelity Investments, by introducing two zero-management fee index funds, seemingly fired a shot across the bow[...]
Do We Face a Retirement Crisis?
In an article in Advisor Perspectives, actuary, financial planner and retirement researcher Joe Tomlinson delves into the question: Do We[...]
The Incomparable Virtues of Goals Based Planning
One of my standard cocktail party questions when conversing with investors is: How much are you trying to earn with[...]

Peak Thoughts

In Depth Reports & Commentary

Dreaming of a Mountain Retirement
Do the mountains call you for your dream retirement? Many people, including most of my clients, aspire to retire to[...]
Value Investing and Skiing May be The Key to Living Longer
A recent column entitled, Survivor Bias: Why Successful Value Investors Live Longer, mused on the apparent longevity of legendary value[...]
The Stretch IRA is Dead. Or Maybe Just on Life Support
If you are – or expect to be - the owner of a $500,000 or greater IRA or 401k, you’ll[...]
Book Review: Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement, Larry E. Swedroe & Kevin Grogan
One of the great influences in my practice has been Larry Swedroe. (Another, of course, was the late John Bogle).[...]
Celebrating the Ten-Year Anniversary of the Market Bottom
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs… Rudyard Kipling, from the poem If, circa[...]
The IRA Charitable Rollover – Laserlike Tool for the Seasoned Philanthropist
‘Tis the season…for charitable giving. In our last post, we discussed the basics of the new tax law, its possible[...]
Regaling the Donor Advised Fund – The Swiss Army Knife of Charitable Giving
Nothing sharpens the mind like a deadline. Sometime around Halloween, when we have a couple of months left in the[...]
Tax Cut and Jobs Act, HR 1 – What it Means
As of this writing the new tax bill hasn’t yet been signed by the President. But it already seems to[...]
Living Near the Fault Line
Unless you haven’t been paying attention (and kudos if you haven’t) you know that the last week or so has[...]
Recognizing and Preventing the Growing Epidemic of Senior Financial Abuse
Hardly a day goes by without a story in the paper about the tragedy of senior financial abuse.  There appears[...]


Quarterly Client Notes

2nd Quarter Client Note – Fed Up With Rising Rates
The S & P 500 (total return) Index bounced back from its first quarter (.75%) loss, rising 3.43% in the[...]
1st Quarter Client Note – Volatility Emerges
It was nice while it lasted. The S & P 500 (total return) Index fell .75%, its first quarterly loss[...]
4th Quarter Client Note – Preparing for an Inevitable Bear Market
Global equity markets defied predictions - and perhaps even gravity – in 2017. The S & P 500 (total return)[...]
3rd Quarter Client Note
Equity markets continued their record run in the 3rd quarter. The S & P 500 (Total Return) Index gained 4.48%[...]
2nd Quarter Client Note – Tribulations of a Value Investor
Stock markets around the globe had their best first six months in years. In the second quarter, The S &[...]
1st Quarter Client Note
The “Trump Bump” continued unabated in the first quarter. The S & P 500 (total return) Index gained 6.07%; tacking[...]
4th Quarter Client Note
Now that was exciting. With the surprise election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the S &[...]
3rd Quarter Client Note
Markets continued to move higher in the 3rd quarter. The S & P 500 (total return) index was up 3.85%[...]
2nd Quarter Client Note
The S & P 500 (Total Return) Index gained 2.46% in the quarter; but not without a whipsaw caused by[...]
1st Quarter Client Note
The S & P 500 (Total Return) Index gained 1.35% in the quarter. This was no mean feat considering what[...]