News From the Industry

Clear Thinking for Foundation Committees

Recently, Vanguard released a useful white paper on the ways in which group-decision-making dynamics impact foundation committees. As an advisor, I have been invited to share this paper with you; I hope you find it constructive!

Sustainable and Responsible Investing News Resources

Regardless of whether you call it socially responsible, values-based, or sustainable investing with the intention of avoiding or improving undesirable industries or companies can have a real impact. Here are some resources for current information in this arena.

First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC
First Affirmative (FAFN) is a leader in socially responsible or values-based investing. As a FAFN network member, RighPath Investments offers several FAFN publications that deliver timely news on the industry for consumers and professionals alike. Check out these items on their News & Events page.

Social Investment Forum (SIF)
SIF is the non-profit industry association for socially responsible investment industry. As a result,  they monitor the latest news from all quarters in this arena.
This personal investment site is dedicated to socially responsible investing. Find an abundance of related news here.
The newswire for corporate social responsibility, offers news that is particularly compelling to fiduciaries and plan managers.