Planning Resources

At RightPath Investments, we partner with Money Quotient™ and others to provide you with financial planning tools to help you get a practical handle on your financial situation, style, and goals. Download any of the available survey tools to start getting answers about your financial style and how to plan accordingly.

Tax Planning Numbers

Download a variety of tables that show tax planning figures—from phase outs and thresholds to maximum contributions and more—for the current and recent years.

Financial Satisfaction Survey

Do you have a clear sense of which parts of your financial lifestyle are working well and which are creating problems for you? This short series of questions can help you and your planner quickly identify what you are doing well and what problems areas need some attention to help you feel satisfied and secure.

Life Transitions Survey

This series of questions focuses your attention on four primary areas where transitions occur in life: work, finances, family and legacies. By answering these questions, you will be prompted to think about which areas of your life are in need of extra attention, as well as be able to better identify, prioritize and act on next steps on your own or with your planner. This tool can lead to the creation of a Life Transitions Workbook, or suggest other resources that would be helpful for your specific situation.

Retirement Planning Survey

Getting real numbers down on paper, even just a few, can really jump start your retirement planning. To help you see what you need and want to spend and where the dollars are coming from, download this form and get started.

Retirement—Thinking it Through

Ready to retire now? Thinking about it in the next several years? Already taken the plunge? No matter where you are in the process, you have not really thought in detail about what you want your retirement to be. This short series of questions will quickly highlight the areas where you are in control—as well as those that may have snuck up on you. Your planner can help you analyze the results and suggest actions for taking even greater control over your retirement.

“What If” Portfolio Comparison

Ever wonder what your retirement portfolio would look like if you saved a little more, had slightly different goals or even just managed your finances differently? This sample “what if” comparison illustrates what an impact on goal-funding just 1% additional return can make. Take a look to see if you would like us to generate various scenarios for you.