Business Retirement Plans

Retirement plan sponsors—from sole proprietorships with a handful of employees to large corporations—face a unique set of challenges in their fiduciary duties. And recent changes to law have only reinforced the fiduciary nature of the role of plan sponsors, too. That’s why we offer a unique set of services to you:

  • Excellent service.
  • Help with ERISA compliance, including plan design and investment responsibility.
  • Unbundled services, including support such as an audit trail.
  • Assistance in managing plan expenses (many plans have excessive fees, which reduce long-term returns and make this required task of the fiduciary more challenging).
  • Proper asset allocation, including:
    • The right balance to
      • Provide prudent diversification and
      • Narrow choices to a workable number (research demonstrates that too many or unsuitable plan choices doom participants to failure).
    • A selection of managed portfolios or lifestyle funds.
    • Creating appropriate default options.
  • Design of participation incentives.
  • Set up of automatic enrollment.
  • Assistance with Pension Reform Act of 2006 rules.
  • Employee education and advice.
  • Values-based or socially responsible investing (SRI) options.