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Your Prosperity Plan

At RightPath, our ProsperityPlan process helps individuals define and achieve their vision of wealth with the guidance of a dedicated advisor through personalized investment management. This integrative approach not only focuses on managing finances, but also includes planning for potential life changes and identifying the steps necessary to turn vision into reality.

Get a clear understanding of your personal and financial situation.
Set goals by asking you what’s important in your life.
Evaluate your current plan and research alternative options.
After our deep dive into your life and finances, create a personalized integrated wealth management plan.
Meet to discuss the plan and answer your questions.
Put the plan into action and continue to monitor and check in with you.
Adjust as needed. We understand life is not predictable, and when changes happen that impact you financially, we adjust your financial plan accordingly.
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Planning Tools & Resources

At RightPath Investments, we partner with Money Guide™ and others to provide you with financial planning tools to help you get a practical handle on your financial situation, style, and goals. Access any of the available tools to start getting answers about your financial style and how to plan accordingly.

Why Do I Need Tools?

Think about the work you do: whether you are a desk jockey relying upon sophisticated computer software or working with your hands on more tangible projects, you use tools every day to get your job done. And, you are a professional who knows the difference that quality tools can make in helping to meet your goals.

Just as with every other complex task in our lives, wealth management, financial planning, and investing require the right tools to be done well. That’s why we provide them to you, along with the expertise to properly employ them.

Some tools are best used with the guiding hand of an experienced advisor. Others are easily experienced on your own. Below is an assortment of tools that allow you to get started, by asking yourself some simple, yet important questions.

Download a variety of tables that show tax planning figures—from phase outs and thresholds to maximum contributions and more—for the current year.

Download Tax Planning Numbers (.pdf)

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