Foundations & Non-Profits

Endowment committees face unique issues and bear a considerable burden; sometimes larger than they realize. And, simply by virtue of working as a committee or within the non-profit framework, they may grapple with challenges not faced by other fiduciaries:

  • Sometimes members are paid, others are volunteers, creating unique needs.
  • The role of group dynamics and effective communications must be considered.
  • Committees often strive to adopt “best practices.”

To untangle this rare convergence of group actions and financial discipline, we offer services specific to the needs of foundations and non-profit fiduciaries:

  • A fiduciary review, in which the effectiveness of the investment committee is evaluated.
  • Promotion of stewardship that showcases the fiduciary process to potential donors.
  • Goal definition that integrates the relationship between endowment policy and the IPS.
  • Adoption of an appropriate spending rule and smoothing rule.
  • Proper asset allocation, including:
    • Ascertaining risk tolerance,
    • Defining a time horizon,
    • Generating a modeled return,
    • Appropriate asset classes, and
    • Rebalancing guidelines.
  • Assistance in defining the duties of all involved parties.
  • Development of mission-driven or SRI options.
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