For families and individuals alike, it can be easy to feel out of touch with philanthropic endeavors. Often, our gifting is based upon opportunity, rather than planning: we happen to receive a mailing or a call from a cause the piques our interest and we throw a little extra cash that way.

But what if we planned our giving? What kind of impact could we have with a more thoughtful, intentional approach to philanthropy—both in terms of the social benefit and the impact on our bottom line?

It can be difficult to get started on the philanthropic adventure and, when estates are involved that serve self, family, and social interests, it can be difficult to even have the conversation. At RightPath Investments & Financial Planning, we can help you get started, provide tools for guiding the conversation, and help you wade through the “alphabet soup” of tax saving instruments that may help your family or business do more with your philanthropy.

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