Retirement Planning

Retirement—if that’s what you still want to call it—is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. Life expectancy is pushing the century mark. The three-legged stool of a pension, social security and accumulated savings is becoming an increasingly fragile basis upon which to fund a longer life. For financial reasons many of us will need to work into our sixties and seventies. Many of us will in some fashion continue to work primarily for the intellectual and social stimulation.

The Changing Face of Retirement Planning

Because retirement planning has changed so much in recent years, investors need an advisor who can provide guidance on some unexpected issues:

  • Job satisfaction (to preempt an undesirably early retirement)
  • Carefully planning of withdrawals or “harvesting” of our hard-earned funds so that we can “spend ’til the end” without risking our goals or lifestyle
  • Risk management/insurance (to protect against financial losses due to events such as law suits, divorce, and disability)
  • Whether or not a trust would be an appropriate vehicle to manage assets in retirement and for beneficiaries

It’s a lot to take in. Successfully managing investments when approaching and in retirement requires and authentic statement of goals, a well-defined investment policy statement (even during retirement), and a commitment to continued monitoring of the plan.

We are here to help with every aspect of retirement planning, whether retirement is 10 years away or started last week. Our services are designed to help you manage this changing part of our lives—ensuring that you have a key advisor to help answer your questions and make your time in retirement what you want it to be.

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