Wealth Management for Your Goals

For some, clear investment management is enough to give focus to their finances. Most of us, however, need more for a satisfying financial lifestyle. So, at RightPath, you work with a key advisor through ProsperityPlan™: a process through which you and your RightPath advisor define your vision of wealth, how your money will fund that vision, what steps will help you to realize it, and what changes you may need to prepare for, such as job changes or disability

Wealth Management: Our Approach to Financial Success

Because we serve as your financial confidante, you’ll find that we can readily coordinate the required tasks into your investment management and financial planning. That gives you the clearest picture of your financial lifestyle and needs. And, we build plans suited to your needs: investors with one or two specific goals—perhaps saving for a child’s education or buying or selling a business—will have simpler plans than those with more complex goals, such as creating a holistic financial lifestyle or long-term planning for a foundation.

The Right Expertise

We provide many wealth management services directly; however, we want you to receive the benefit of specialized expertise. Therefore, we facilitate the integration of services provided by qualified outside resources into a seamless package customized to your needs. By assuming general oversight of these services—through activities like meetings, document review, and client advocacy—we ensure that the philosophy, approach, and quality of all services is consistent, well-coordinated and focused on fulfilling your needs. And, because you are welcome to call your advisor with any question you think affects your financial lifestyle, you’ve got a true sounding board whenever you need one.

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