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Helping You to be an Informed Investor

The better informed and educated about financial issues you are, the more confident you will be in the decisions that you make—and in your relationship with RightPath™ Investments. So, we strive to keep you up-to-date on financial issues that directly can affect you, your family, your business, and other institutions with which you work.

Some folks enjoy research on the web, others enjoy a good read. We like both. So, when we say “check out our books,” we really mean it! Contact our office to find out if any given volume in our LibraryThing is available for “check out.”If you prefer surfing to page-turning, check out our Web Resources page. It offers a host of sites that provide solid information on a wide range of financially related topics. Please feel welcome to contact us with your recommendations for additions to this resource list.

If you prefer more direction in your information gathering, this page is for you. From our newsletter to financial briefs and more, check out these items for ones that fit your information needs.

  • Jan 2012 Knowledge Letter: Relevant Information, in significant detail, our quarterly newsletter shows you how our financial techniques and philosophies apply to real-world situations. In this issue of The Knowledge Letter, examine what role more exotic bonds should—or should not—play in your portfolio. Plus, keep your eye on the ball for the 2012 tax year with the 2012 Key Numbers, and get a resource to help you answer the sometimes challenging question, “Who gets the family cabin?”
  • Article Archive: A Warehouse of Topics From articles published in previous issues of our newsletter to pieces published elsewhere by principal Steve Smith, this archive offers an ever-increasing wealth of information organized by financial topic.
  • News from the Social Investing (SRI) Industry: First Affirmative (FAFN) is a leader in socially responsible or values-based investing. As a FAFN network member, RighPath Investments offers several FAFN publications that deliver timely news on the industry for consumers and professionals alike:
    • Affirmative Thinking: FAFN’s quarterly newsletter covering up-to-date topics of interest to values-based investors.
    • Market Commentary: a deeper look at implications of market forces in the past quarter.
    • SRI in the US: an overview of socially responsible investing in this country, including its history, current strengths and where it may be going next.