The Right Path to Financial Wellbeing

Focus on Retirement Planning

They say 65 is the new 50. Around here, certain 80 year-olds blow right by 65 year-olds on the bike path and on the ski slopes.

Whatever your vision of retirement, RightPath works with investors to achieve their long-term financial well being. With a focus on mountain retirement planning, RightPath principal, Steven Smith, works closely with clients to collaborate on a financial plan. Every investor’s path to financial security is different. Steve addresses personal investing, spending, income and legacy needs. RightPath is here to provide dynamic support as clients’ goals and financial plans change. As a fee-only practice and in our role as a fiduciary, clients’ needs are always put first.

Steve Smith, Financial PlannerAt RightPath, I help others pursue their own financial success—and help them avoid the kinds of financial challenges that can occur. I know firsthand the importance of having a proper financial plan in place.

– Steve Smith, founder RightPath Investments

Our Approach

Your financial plan should reflect your unique needs and goals, from saving for retirement to achieving the financial flexibility to pursue a new career. The financial strategy we work with you to develop involves the following:

  • Defined goals: During our initial conversations, we slow things down and dig deep into your objectives. How do you want to retire? What are your plans for your business? What do you want your legacy to be? We develop a list of objectives and prioritize them according to importance and cost.
  • Building a realistic financial plan: Based on your objectives, we can develop a clear and customized financial plan. We’ll draw on rigorous investment research to build a portfolio of evidence-based investments designed to help you reach your financial goals.
  • Engaging in ongoing review: No financial plan is static. As your goals change and the market rises and falls, we monitor your plan and respond to changes as they arise, fine-tuning as needed.

Prosperity and Purpose

There’s more to financial planning than building an investment portfolio. It’s about your life. That’s why we provide a range of services including ongoing education and support. We help clients manage challenges that may come up, from short-term market downturns to questions about whether to make a big-ticket purchase such as a second home. We are happy to coordinate the expertise and resources to help address these and many other challenges as well.

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Steve Smith, Financial Planner

Steve Smith, Principal Right Path Investments

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