Risk Management

Living Near the Fault Line

Unless you haven’t been paying attention (and kudos if you haven’t) you know that the last week or so has seen a significant sell off in the world stock markets. Ordinarily, I’m loath to fall into the financial media’s trap and ascribe market moves to any particular cause(s). But a few things have been happening …

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Supreme Court Gives Two Thumbs Up to Modern Portfolio Theory

In our estimation, the last week of the United States Supreme Court’s 2013/2014 term was a watershed for Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Market Hypothesis; two essential components in the notion that publicly available information is rapidly incorporated into the prices of securities traded in a robust public market. For a generation now, intelligent …

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4th Quarter Client Note

It seems like only yesterday that we were peering over the abyss of the fiscal cliff. Last New Year’s Eve, even after the 2012 elections were over, the political standoff appeared to be continuing. Taxes were set to rise, sequestration was about to kick in and the debt ceiling was once again about to be …

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A Commentary on the PBS Show The Retirement Gamble

PBS recently aired a Frontline show entitled The Retirement Gamble, profiling the 401(k) industry. If you missed it, it can be viewed here. Polemic in tone, the show is highly critical of the country’s evolution from defined benefit pension plans toward defined contribution 401(k) type plans, and in particular the culture of the industry that …

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1st Quarter 2013 Market Review

Following up on my 1st Quarter Client Note, I am providing a more robust and detailed review of the world capital market performance, graciously provided by our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Attached is their Quarterly Market Review. The report includes: a global overview, timeline of events, and the returns of asset classes in both US and …

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Preparing for Disaster and Preventing Financial Ruin: 5 Lessons from a Wildfire Victim

As wildfires have raged across Colorado and other parts of the country in a shockingly early and devastating fire season, families and whole communities are reeling from the destruction. Whether you are a victim of such disasters, care for people directly affected, or simply want to be more prepared, guest blogger Beth Byerlein offers first-hand lessons to help every home-owner cope with loss and reduce its financial impact.

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