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The Right Guidance for Fiduciaries

For a variety of reasons, many fiduciaries are ill informed
and poorly advised regarding their investment
responsibilities. We strive to help fiduciaries make better
and more prudent investment decisions.

Investors with fiduciary responsibility share a number of attributes…

  • Foremost, they face personal legal liability for failure to properly discharge their functions.
  • Third parties are dependent upon them to achieve financial goals.
  • Fiduciaries must avoid conflicts of interest.
  • They must control costs.
  • They are obligated to consider passive asset class investing (indexing) as a default strategy.
  • Fiduciaries must be able to demonstrate fidelity to a thoughtful process, through development of an investment policy statement (IPS), to avoid liability.

…and manifest a need for a certain character of advice:

  • They would benefit from a fiduciary review.
  • Fiduciaries should demand an independent, consultative—rather than sales or product-driven—approach.
  • Their portfolios require ongoing due diligence and monitoring.
  • They would benefit from an open architecture in avoiding conflicts of interest.

For all of these reasons, RightPath investments offers FiduciaryPlan™ to aid fiduciaries of all types in executing their responsibilities to the best of their abilities—and to legal requirements. Read through the pages in this section to learn more about FiduciaryPlan, or download an overview and call us at 970.668.5525 today to learn more.

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Types of Fiduciary Planning

Our offerings include a full suite of services designed to help fiduciaries execute trusts as well as to advocate for beneficiaries:

  • Participating and assisting in estate planning engagements with 1) data gathering, 2) establishing strategy for the use of trusts, 3) anticipating and planning for future investment issues and 4) evaluating and determining choice of fiduciaries.
  • Providing independent investment management services to corporate trustees.
  • Evaluation, monitoring and management of existing trust arrangements on behalf of beneficiaries.
  • Planning and running family meetings and family mission statement development.

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