How We Work with You

An Integrated Approach to Keep You on Track

At RightPath™ Investments & Financial Planning, we provide coordinated yet modular services, allowing you to select precisely the assistance that you need to create the financial lifestyle that you want. Beginning with a sound financial plan, we can help you manage your investments—and, more broadly, your wealth—to achieve that lifestyle:

Wealth Management: A Coordinated Approach

Whether you are looking to meet the financial needs of an individual or family, or you have a broader scope in mind, such as employee pensions or foundation management, it makes sense to coordinate your financial planning and investment management with other aspects of your financial lifestyle. These issues may include estate planning, insurance, private banking, charitable giving and wealth counseling. Through both in-house and partnering arrangements, RightPath can help you bring all of these details together.

Financial Planning: Your Roadmap to Success

Most likely, you have a strong sense of what is important to you about your money and what dreams and priorities you want to achieve. Our financial planning services help you to explore and broaden that awareness with a specific target in mind: to help you design a financial road map that relies upon practical, lifestyle steps that you can take toward achieving realistic goals.

Investment Consulting:
Institutional-Style Investment Management for Your Portfolio

We can manage the investments required to carry out your financial plan. RightPath™ Investments accomplishes that task by providing you with prudent, effective and efficient institutional-style management. That means each investor can take advantage of state-of-the-art asset allocation techniques and cost-savings approaches. Also, we do not chase the latest fads and “hot” managers. Instead, we help you invest for the long term, seeking returns consistent with your lifetime goals and your tolerance for the variety of risks inherent in the markets.